A Book Deal

I’m very excited to announce that I have been approached by a publisher to write a game development book using Unreal 4! The book will focus on using Unreal and other free and open source programs to create assets and assemble a level. The goal is to introduce UE4 developers that might not be familiar with the art pipeline to the process of creating custom assets and characters for their games.

I’m very excited for this opportunity and will be sure to update everyone as I move forward.


About DesignJunkie010

Since a young age, I have had a love of video games and the joy they bring to others. This lead me to pursue a degree in Digital Animation and Game Design from Ferris State University and begin teaching high school age students how to create their own games and game art in 2005. When not teaching, I continue to further my education by keeping up on recent industry news and learning best practices related to both teaching and game development. I also write learning tutorials on different topics for the Unreal game engine. I will be completing my Masters in Career Technical Education from Ferris State University in 2015. Check out my LinkedIn profile at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/justin-plowman/1b/211/7b7

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