Teaching Philosophy

Why I Teach:

My teaching style for game development has always been rooted in a philosophy of supporting my students as they become the next generation of designers, developers, and digital artists.  I am developing their interests and innate talents through problem based learning, human centered design principles, and experiential learning. 21st century skills are learned through mentoring and teamwork with classmates. Through my teaching, I prepare students to chase their dream careers and become successful.


Students connect to their communities and the world around them through community and professional partnerships with organizations throughout the area. This allows them to connect outside of themselves and see where their art and games can influence and inform. Through these partnerships students have an opportunity to enlighten their peers about the issues that are important to them.


In today’s connected world, who is part of your social and professional networks is almost as important as your skill with art or software. I encourage students to explore their industry through social events, meet ups, professional organizations, and conferences. This is done through class visits by professionals, Skype calls, and trips to local developers.

Inspiration From Life:

The best way to create engaging digital experiences for players is to understand as much as you can about what you are trying to create. My students are encouraged to go out and experience the world to gather inspiration for their projects. Play games, read, watch movies and television. Go out into the world and experience it. Then bring all that inspiration into every single project you create.

Being Resourceful:

By pursuing a future rooted in technology, my students understand that they are becoming lifelong learners and that the world is their classroom. I may not know everything, but the answers are out there, and my students are encourage to use the internet, books, and professionals in the field to further their knowledge.

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